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Clinical Psychologist



Tom Rogat, PsyD, MBA

Rogat Psychological Services, LLC

(510) 915-3252

Beachwood, Ohio

I provide short-term and long-term psychotherapy to adults, children, and adolescents in Beachwood, Ohio. My specialties include adoption, adult survivors of childhood trauma and abuse, and relationship problems. I also work with a broad range of other emotional challenges in my general practice, including depression, anxiety, codependence, re-building after divorce, life transitions, anger management and problems with self-esteem.  


Psychotherapy is an opportunity for life-changing growth, but it can be difficult to reach out for help initially. This can be especially true if one is already feeling vulnerable in other important areas of life. I appreciate the courage that therapy can require, and match my clients’ efforts with the commitment I make to each individual’s personal endeavour.




Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about therapy or to schedule an appointment. Initial phone consultations are provided at no cost and are often the first step in feeling better.



Dr. Tom Rogat

(510) 915-3252



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